Amanda Rampersaud


Amanda has been a consistently practicing massage therapist since 2009 upon graduating from The Professional Institute of Massage Therapy here in Calgary.

An avid health and wellness lover, she grew up exploring all avenues of committing herself to overall self improvement, and being strong and healthy mentally and physically, and is all about nutrition and gut health.

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Her passions led her to exploring the possibility of becoming an RMT, but it wasn’t truly until a serious car accident which made her realize just how much she wanted to help others with their pains, injuries and their recovery to wellness.

Through her life changing recovery and rehabilitation, her passions grew and ultimately that’s where the love of massage therapy grew.
Amanda’s years of experience in the industry of both chiropractic/physiotherapy and even the spa have made her well rounded in her approach to her patient’s care.

She takes care and a unique specific approach to each patient’s treatment through truly listening to their needs and what they hope to achieve.

She incorporates her own blend of various modalities customized to the patient, from relaxation style techniques to sports, deep tissue, therapeutic techniques.

Whether it’s a relaxing calming treatment you need to relieve stress, digestive system issues, a treatment to aid in fascial release, migraines, chronic pain, or recovery from new or old injuries, sports massage ,prenatal, she can help.

It should also be noted she does myofascial cupping massage as well, and has advanced training (and also a passion for) cervical spine (neck) orthopedic massage, whiplash and concussion and migraine therapy.

Her ultimate goal with every single patient is to make improvements with each visit to get them to their optimal health, feeling better after each visit, and leave with a smile each time.