Long story short, through both work stress as a business owner leading a growing team, as well as some other life factors - I ended up with a pretty wrecked body. The worst of it was terrible TMJ which led to massive migraines which put me out of commission for days... Darren, Spiros, and the Kinetic team basically put me back in the drivers seat in my life. Literally do not know what I would do without them.
Michael Tighe
Dr. Justin Tan is absolutely amazing and incredibly knowledgeable in the kinetics of the body with a deep understanding of how to alleviate and sort out acute and chronic pains in the body. I appreciate and have gratitude for the careful time he takes to explain and to really hear out his patients. I can't recommend him enough.
Kate Mak
Dr. Darren Yick and Justin Tan are great soft tissue Chiropractors. As a strength coach, and CrossFit Coach, the need for chiropractors that understand muscle chains and thinking outside the box is a must. The protocol methods just don't plain work when it comes to athletes that need to move and lift functionally. I have been working with them for a few years and love that they take and active role in communicating with myself and our coaches on what they've diagnosed, and then further working with us to get athletes better, rather than a 15 minute visit and see you later. This closes the gap with training and care where as a coach you can understand what an athlete needs to strength or stretch to keep the momentum in recovery, and then relay the movements back to the practitioner. Darren Yick and Justin Tan are above and beyond the benchmark when it comes to getting people back to moving fast.
Kevin Kwan
The greatest thing about Dr. Yick is how much he cares about his patients. He is truly invested in their overall well-being and improving their quality of life. His approach to treatment was able to help me when other methods fell short.
Erin Ewasiuk
Mike was recommended to us by a working clinician within the Canadian National Bobsleigh team. His attachment to our squad was during a key point of preparation for World Championships. Mike’s personable character meant he connected well with our athletes immediately, while his conduct and expertise as a clinician and therapist was world class, enabling the preparation camp to optimise overall performance.
Chris Woolley